My Name is Graham,

here you can follow me on my journey from Green Horn to Internet Marketing Superstar!!!

(You Got to Have Big Goals Eh!!!)

When I finished my second level education, I obtained a qualification in electronics and at 19 started working in an electronics factory for 6 years. I then became tired of the repetition that comes with factory work. An opportunity became available to become a residential Child Care worker, I stayed in this role for 6 years and took a career break for one year to do some traveling. Upon returning to Ireland I couldn’t settle back into the childcare and stayed in the role for a further 6 months while I figured out what journey to take next. During the 6 months I decided I wanted to open up my own Martial Arts School but needed something else to support this financially so I became a Taxi driver which provided a good income and flexibility to allow me to work on establishing the Martial Arts School ‘Dragon Taekwondo’ which I still run today. Over the years I have also trained as a Personal Development Coach, Reiki Master and Fire Walking Instructor.

My passion has always been teaching and helping people improve themselves.  I have been looking to take the skills I gained to build an online business where I could reach more people and offer my services. This is where internet Marketing comes in and me toying with different ideas and buying loads of shiny new toys but not really going beyond using them for my existing offline business’s (which were decimated over night with the current Covid-19 pandemic).

Taking time out due to the lockdown imposed by Covid-19 it gave me the time to explore Internet Marketing. So firstly, I got a domain and started building a brand ‘By G affiliate Zone ‘when I came across Stephen Alvey’s PLR (Private label Rights) products and I loved his approach and the quality of his products, man can that guy write good copy!! So, one product lead to another and I quickly realised this guy really knows what he's doing. When he shared this amazing opportunity to be taken step by step through the whole process by John Thornhill's Partnership to Success program, I realized it was time to stop doing it on my own. That was it I had to join! It was a no brainer!!!

So here I am starting all over again.

Mindset is in full on Go mode!!!Ready to learn from the best!

Blinkers on, super focused on becoming another of John's Big Success stories.

So, watch this space, there will be highs there will be lows, but there will be no stopping!!!!

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