Surfs up! But don’t go paddling alone.

There’s nothing more amazing than jumping into the ocean on a beautiful summers day and catching some waves. The freedom, the exhilaration, the connection with nature and the universe…………

Just like Internet Marketing when done properly it looks so easy and magical.

But if you have ever tried surfing, you’ll know it’s not as easy as it looks and there’s a hell of a lot of things to learn. But given time can be the best past time you will ever have.

So where do I start?

You buy a wetsuit, a board, a leash,a rash vest, wax? Why do I need wax?

( Little Hint! It’s not for removing hair LOL) So your ready to get in the water and you’ve figured out where to put your wax, it can’t be that hard eh! Surfs Up! Lets go carve some 30ft waves…………………….


First you have to figure how do I get past the white wash? How do I get on the board? AHHH!!!!  How on earth do I stay on the board? Standing up are ya mad? Oh, I didn’t see that wave. Doh I’m so confused, there’s so many things I have to think about to stay afloat and its just not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Does this sound familiar?

Now Internet Marketing is no different.  You need a website, hosting (I recommend D9), a domain, an autoresponder (I recommend Aweber), Page and funnel builder (I recommend Optimizepress) the list goes on and on and your sinking to the bottom of the shiny object sea and you still have to learn how to make it all work. Which takes a lot of trial and error, at this stage you’ll probably feel like you have been washed up on the rocks.

Surfs Up!Surfs Up!



Because like me, you don’t know what you’re doing and figuring it all out on your own is very costly in time and money.

So, what’s the solution Graham, I hear you ask?

Surfs Up!

Like me you Get a coach!!

A coach who knows what they are doing. Someone who can carve up them waves like no one else on the planet. Someone who will take you by the hand and show you step by step how to do it the right way from the start. Help you avoid all the rookie mistakes and teach you a proven system step by step that anyone can follow with top quality ongoing support.

The Big Question is? Do you want to learn from the best in the business?

Join factory worker turned million dollar marketer John Thornhill as he reveals his proven system for building your own successful online business.

Surfs Up! John can help you catch them big waves!

Click Here To Get Started

It will be the best decision you ever make!Feel free to comment below and share.

FinallyIf your not on my list. Feel free to join in by Subscribing Here and have a daily laugh with or at me on my journey with John!


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