The Top 10 Keys To Success As An Affiliate Marketer

The Top 10 Keys To Success as an affiliate marketer.


When you love what you do, your passion will shine through and attract people and opportunities to you. When your passionate about what you do everything feels like a challenge, there are no problems, just solutions waiting to be found. Passion changes your mindset and fuels you to push through any barriers that might try to hold you back.


Be honest and trustworthy! There will be no longevity to your business if you can’t be trusted, fake it till you make it sounds great! However, a lot of people don’t understand that this refers to your attitude, its not about creating a fake persona, be yourself that way you will shine through in your own unique way and create something genuine and full of Integrity.

3.Quality Products

This should be obvious but there are so many substandard products out there. When you promote or create high quality products you create very satisfied customers and they in turn will talk about your product, they will leave positive review’s, they will promote your product and your reputation will grow. Quality Products create fewer refund requests, again building you a solid reputation of trustworthiness and integrity. You build both you reputation and relationships with your customers and Happy customers at that. It’s a win win for everyone involved


4.Tools & Equipment

This can’t be stressed enough You got to have the right tools for the job otherwise you are going to waste a lot of your precious time and money. There is no doubt that having social proof is an essential part of your business and I will write about that in another post. The ultimate social proof is having your own quality website. The best solution for anyone involved in affiliate marketing is a self-hosted WordPress site. I recommend D9 hosting, superfast hosting with exceptional customer service, but what use is your website if you are not capturing leads from it? So, you need a opt in form builder, you need to build landing pages, I recommend optimizepress it’s a one stop shop for everything you’re going to need. Then to tie it all together you need a quality autoresponder that will capture all your leads and also has a high deliverability when you send out your mails. I recommend Aweber. I will go into each of these products in more details in future posts but if you have any questions just email me and I will get back to you.


5.Be Helpful & Add Value.

It’s simple be nice, set out your stale in a way that shows people that you care and are willing to help them out. When you are helpful and add value to people’s lives, they will want to help you in return.

Your business will grow in a very sustainable way.


6.Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is so important, communicate regularly with your audience and continually keep yourself on the pulse of what’s going on in the world and within your niche. Creating List posts like this one The Top 10 Keys To Success As An Affiliate Marketer is one way to deliver value.

7.Mental & Physical Fitness

To stay on top of your game you have to be mentally and physically fit. As an entrepreneur you have to take care of yourself otherwise you will eventually burnout and fade away. Nutrition, exercise, meditation and sleep are all key elements for a healthy life and longevity.



You got to be consistent!Success love momentum and you have to turn up every day and deliver 100%. That’s It!

9.Patience & Perseverance

Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t stop!

Work on your business every day and never give up.

Success is yours already, your alive, aren’t you?

Now go create your best life!!!


10.Get a coach

When it comes to succeeding online as an Affiliate Marketer in the quickest way possible the only solution is to get yourself a coach. Teaming up with a successful marketer and getting them to teach you what they know is the only way to go!!! They will have a plan and a proven strategy for you to emulate.

Two coaches I would highly recommend are

John Thornhill Partnership to Success And Jono Armstrong Ministry to Freedom

These guys are constantly knocking it out of the park!!!



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