Hello and welcome to my blog!

Today I joined John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Program and we hit the ground running, new autoresponder(Aweber), new hosting(D9), new domain, installed wordpress and posted this post in a matter of hours. Every step of the journey so far has been seamless with step by step crystal clear instruction by John. Day 1 and I’m completely blown away with everything. I’m so fired up and ready to plough through the material.

Now am I a natural boger? No way, talking now talking I can do! so you might see some vlogs but writing that can be a challenge for me luckily enough there’s so much training and direction in this course even I can get me head around it, so again welcome to my blog where you can see how easy it can be when you have the right mentor helping you every step of the way. I have done many programs and online coaching and I can tell  from day 1 that John and his program are in a different league.

So Come on, see how I get on.  Subscribe and follow my Journey for complete beginner to Internet Marketing rock star!!! LOL.There’s only one way this is going.

Chat Soon!


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